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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dumaguete Facts

Dumaguete Facts


On December 8, 1941, when Quezón had just been recently reelected as President, Japan launched an aerial attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, followed with aerial attacks on various other American installations in the Philippines. When Japan invaded, Quezón evacuated to Corregidor, where he was sworn in for his second term as President on December 30, 1941, in front of Malinta Tunnel. The next month, Quezón was forced to flee Corregidor to go to the Visayas and from there to Mindanao. Upon the invitation of the US government, he was further evacuated to Australia and then to the United States, where he established the Commonwealth government in exile with headquarters in Washington, D.C.


Dumaguete residents recall with pride how the late Pres. Manuel Quezon escaped possible capture during World War II while passing Dumaguete. The President’s family and party arrived at the lonely pier of Dumaguete at half-past 1:00 A.M. and immediately boarded the PT-41which took them to Oroqueta, Misamis Occidental. From here, they were taken to Del Monte airfield by a motor caravan and left for Australia on a flying Fortress.

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Proudly Dumaguete - Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental