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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Federal Republic Of Negros

Dumaguete Facts


The Federal Republic Of Negros


With the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution, the Negrense leaders of the Occidental side joined the nationwide Katipunan Movement and overcame the Spanish garrisons in the province on the first week of November 1898. In May 1899 the Americans landed in Negros island.


The distrust of some Negrense revolutionary leaders against the Malolos Government in Luzon and the devastating bombing of Iloilo by the American Navy and the pragmatic reasons of some Negrense leaders paved the way for the creation of the Federal Republic of Negros and its proposed constitution of the Cantonal Government. Intellectually though, the Negrense leaders showed grasp and awareness of the political currents in Europe and North America as compared to their counter parts in Luzon.


Eventually, the proposed constitution for the Federal Republic of Negros was never implemented. Instead, it was General Order No. 30 which was the one functioning as the real constitution of Negros. In the end, after the visit of the Second Philippine Commission and after a series of consultations and conferences, both Negros Oriental and Occidental became regular provinces under the national civil government on May 1, 1901.


(Photo: Russel, F.K Dumaguete 1907)

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