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Friday, June 6, 2014

Another proposed condo resort in Zamboanguita

Financed by Maybank...

Selahmat Property Development is an initiative of three people that want to prove the hospitality industry that a 100% self sustainable 5 star spa resort can be profitable. Even though the Apex will be higher, the operational expenses will be so much lower that a proper ROI will be realized within 3 years.
The people behind Selahmat Property Development Corp are not developers, but experienced people from the hospitality industry.
This project in the Philippines will be the first of it's kind.

We want to build a first class 5 star spa resort whereby:
* Solar and wind will be the source of energy for electricity.
* We will purify rain water up to the quality of pure drinking water.
* Only environmental friendly products will be used for the construction.
* There be internal high tech waste management.
* Obviously the building is earthquake, typhoon and highly sound proof.
* Food & beverage will be fresh only, no frozen items will be used.
* Amenities will be 100% natural.
* Last but not least; guests will enjoy fantastic suites, excellent F&B and superb services.

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